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The Best Burrito in Dublin

January 14, 2013

For about 3 years, Dublin has been under the influence of what seems to be a burrito-boom. As burritos become more and more popular (and why not, they’re the f***ing bomb), more and more shops open up that sell burritos. And as more and more of these shops open up, everybody who enjoys the little pieces of heaven that are burritos seems to have their own opinion on where in our fine city that one could find the best burrito.

But no more will people squabble and disagree over which restaurant in Dublin supplies their loyal (or one-off) customers with a feast of mythical deliciousness. I make it my goal to try every burrito restaurant in Dublin, to taste as much of the Mexican, golden nectar that I can, and to rate them all, using a rating system that I have come up with for this very task.

‘But what is a burrito???’ I hear some of you asking. Well a burrito is among the greatest gastronomical inventions of all time – it is up there with steak, pizza, burgers and bacon. A burrito is a wrap, containing rice, beans, salsa and meat (and often other ingredients such as cheese, guacamole, sour cream and salad). This all wrapped together into a cylindrical shape, with the ends folded in (to prevent spillages), and wrapped in foil. The foil is torn off in strips to allow the burrito to be eaten, but enough foil is left on to prevent the burrito from falling apart.

The burrito is a Mexican invention, and the word ‘burrito’ can be translated to mean ‘tiny donkey’. (For those of you who doubt my love for burritos, you need only see this page: which is the Facebook page for the radio show, of which I am a part, a show which has been named after burritos.) It is said that burritos were invented as a way for Mexican labourers to carry an entire meal (rice, meat, salsa, beans) in an easy-to-eat package, while working far from home, without it falling apart.

In order to determine which is the best burrito in Dublin, it is important to remain impartial to other influencing factors. I am not trying to find the best place to get a burrito in our fair city, but trying to find the best burrito (or burritos) that the city has to offer. To do this, I must treat my challenge as a scientific experiment, and be thorough with every step.

My rating system will involve rating the burritos out of a possible 50 points, in which 50 is the top score (as good a burrito as can be found). The breakdown of these points will be as follows:

  • Consistency and Texture of the burrito ( /10 points) – Is the burrito sloppy/dry, packed/loose, etc?
  • Size of the burrito ( /10 points) – Is my hunger satisfied? Was it good value for money?
  • Meat ( /10 points) – Is the meat flavoured? How is its texture? Is there enough/too much meat?
  • Salsa ( /10 points) – How spicy is the salsa? Is there a good flavour off the salsa? Does the spiciness of the salsa overpower the rest of the burrito? Is the salsa too sloppy?
  • Rice and Other Ingredients ( /10 points) – Is the rice overcooked? What type of rice is used? Is the combination of other ingredients enough/too much?

I will also award 5 points (separate from the 50 point grading system) towards the presentation of the burrito. While this does not alter the dining experience of a burrito, it is certainly a noteworthy touch!

I must mention that, although I will strive to be as scientific in my endeavours as I possibly can, this is nothing more than an extensive method of finding MY OPINION on burritos. I cannot guarantee that I will get the best burrito from each restaurant that they have ever made, so I may need to return to some of them to try the same feast multiple times.

When I report on each new burrito that I have tried (some of which I will likely have tried before), I will let you, my vast number of loyal readers *cough* which burrito, from which restaurant I have partaken in, as well as what this burrito contains. I will give a breakdown of the points. It is likely that I will have one burrito per week, although this may increase some weeks.

This week I will be grading my first burrito, and I know that you are all looking forward to this as much as I am…


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