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And so it begins…

January 16, 2013

     This evening I partook in the first burrito of my challenge to find Dublin’s best burrito, and if all of those to come are as enjoyable, the competition will be close and the decision tough. I suppose it’s just as well that I came up with a thorough grading system, otherwise I’d have some serious difficulty choosing.

So my first burrito of the competition was in a burrito restaurant that I’d never tried before – I figured that a new challenge deserved a new location. My first impression of Tuzo Mexican Kitchen is a good impression, the staff are friendly and they have a good student deal, which is €6 for any burrito and a can of coke (€5.50 without the drink). Unlike many of the burrito places that I’ve eaten in before, Tuzo does not offer a set menu of burritos, but allows the customer to choose what he or she would like in their magnificent meal – something which a newcomer to the burrito scene may find daunting, but which I like.

My burrito this evening had shredded beef in it, atop plain white rice. I chose pinto beans, tomato, lettuce, cheese and (most importantly) the green salsa, which (I have been told) is the second hottest salsa available in the restaurant. As I ate my burrito, I noted my thoughts and was careful in my considerations for the score that Tuzo have received.

Before I go through my opinions on the burrito with a fine-tooth comb, I would like to address the issue of the presentation of the burrito. I quite like the brushed steel bowls that the burritos were handed to us, the customers, in, and the burritos were well packaged within the foil. The addition of a custom Tuzo sticker was certainly a nice touch, and has certainly helped their presentation score. The score for presentation at Tuzo Mexican Kitchen is 3/5

  • As far as consistency and texture are concerned, Tuzo were reasonable, but not excellent. The burrito was badly packed (although, their generosity with ingredients may be the cause of this) and seemed to fall apart quite easily. I believe that toasting the burrito in the foil, after wrapping it, would have improved upon this problem. I also found the beef to be a little bit tough, but this did not take away from the excellent distribution of ingredients along the length of the burrito
  • The size of my meal was quite good. Having been starving prior to partaking in the little piece of heaven that is a burrito, I’m happy to say that I was satisfyingly full having finished. This, coupled with the excellent student deal and the generous portions of ingredients means that I am very happy with the value for money that Tuzo offers
  • The meat was not quite as good as I had expected. It was a little bit tough, although perfectly moist and had a fantastic smokey flavour to it. As I have already said, the portions were very generous, although it almost seemed like there was too much meat, and not enough space for other ingredients
  • Salsa is one of the more important ingredients in a burrito, and Tuzo do not disappoint with theirs. The green chilli’s in the green salsa offer a strong flavour, without an overwhelming heat. While the salsa has a certain level of spiciness, it is still reasonably mild. The best part about the salsa is that it is just thick enough in consistency that it does not cause the tortilla to become soggy and fall apart – something which I have not noticed in many other burrito restaurants
  • The remaining ingredients were, on the whole, pretty good. While the rice is just simple, plain white rice, it was cooked perfectly (although a little bit soggy) and didn’t stick together in clumps (which I’m REALLY not a fan of). The best decision that Tuzo Mexican Kitchen have made in terms of ingredients, however, is their decision to use finely grated mozzarella as their cheese – mozzarella being great in warm food because of how stringy it is when it melts, and the fact that it was finely grated meaning that it melted very easily, surrounded by the warm meat and rice.

Having reviewed the burrito that I received from Tuzo Mexican Kitchen as thoroughly as I possibly can, there is nothing that I can do, except give the the score that I have decided to award them.  All in all, Tuzo provided me with an enjoyable burrito experience, and they have earned themselves a solid score of 36/50 for this particular effort

  1. Craw permalink

    Simon how will you have room for dinner?

  2. Goat_Milk? permalink

    Nice review. Looking forward to future installments. Perhaps consider adding in a Pros & Cons section, but overall very satisfying – just like a good burrito.

    • That’s an interesting email address, I wonder who it possibly could be. A Pros and Cons section sounds good to me, I’ll work on that for future posts

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