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Twice in a week

January 18, 2013

     So on this utterly miserable afternoon, I decided that the time was right to try burrito number two of the quest to find Dublin’s finest. Today’s burrito was the Cha Cha of Little Ass Burritos on Dawson Street.

Before I speak of this very enjoyable feast, I want to thank the Little Ass Burrito Bar. Not only were their staff incredibly friendly to me, but my correspondence with the managing director, earlier in the week, meant that I received my choice of burrito without charge. Not deterred by the fact that I was not a paying customer, the staff offered me a sample of a popular Mexican drink called Horchata.

Horchata is an absolutely beautiful drink, made (according to the staff) from rice, sugar, cinnamon, almonds and lime, and (despite its milky colour) is completely lactose free. This drink, I have been told, is the perfect addition to a spicy meal, due to the fact that it is cooling and refreshing – and I have to say, it is spectacular. I would recommend this beverage to anybody who has the opportunity to try it.

As this is a review of burritos, it is my duty to comment on the food in question that I had – the Cha Cha burrito. This is a burrito made with lime rice, chorizo, black turtle beans, feta cheese, sour cream and coriander. I chose to go for the Zesty salsa, the second hottest that Little Ass Burritos offer, having rated it with 4 chillis (out of a possible 5).

Firstly, I will comment on the presentation of the little piece of heaven that this burrito (as with any other burrito) was. I was very impressed with the presentation – it was well-wrapped after being toasted on a ridged grill – which added some darker lines across the width of the burrito, a nice touch, in my opinion. Not only this, but the wrapping was sealed with a sticker that states the name of the burrito in question – very clever for quick differentiation between an order of multiple burritos (or is it burriti?). I award Little Ass Burritos a solid 4/5 for presentation.

And now we come to the burrito itself. I have been asked by several people to show the point breakdown of the burrito – to show people where it was strong and where it was lacking – and I shall happily oblige these readers.

  • I have to say that as far as consistency and texture go, this was a beautiful burrito. The ingredients were moist but warm (probably from the sour cream), but the burrito itself was neither soggy nor sloppy; it held together very well, in fact. The ingredients were soft and easy to bite through, allowing for a sample of all of the ingredients in each mouthful (which was aided by the perfect distribution of ingredients throughout the tortilla). It was also perfectly packed, meaning that it did not fall apart, even at the end. (9/10)
  • This was a big burrito. It was well-stuffed, perfectly round, like a barrel (filled with the nectar of the gods). I am impressed with how stuffed I was after eating this burrito (I was not starving going in, having eaten 2 hours previously) and even 4 hours after finishing the meal, I am still full. The normal lunch-time deal that is offered is €7 for any burrito and a soft drink, and, accounting for how full I was, this is a good deal -great value for money. (9/10)
  • There is not much that I can say about the meat, not having had many different types of chorizo. I can say that it was very flavourful and seemed to be of good quality, and there was just the perfect amount of it in the burrito, although it seemed to all be in the centre, rather than at the edges. (8/10)
  • The salsa, I thought, was overpowered in flavour by the chorizo, and it is possible that I would have been better off with the Smokey or Mango salsas (purely on a flavour basis – these are less spicy). While the Zesty salsa was lost a lot of its flavour to the chorizo, the flavour that was there was certainly good, and I would recommend this salsa. The salsa was milder than I had expected, which would lead me to believe that the hottest salsa (the fearsome-sounding Habanero salsa) would be bearable by those who are not akin to tongue-melting heat from their salsas. (7/10)
  • Of the remaining ingredients, it is the lime rice that impresses me the most. I am not sure how this rice is cooked (although I imagine lime juice is added to the water in which the rice is boiled – correct me if I am wrong though!), but the flavour that it offers is fantastic. It has a lovely citrusy zing off it, which is a something that I am a huge fan of. I also like the use of feta cheese, rather than mozzarella or cheddar. Feta is a delicious, but underrated cheese, which I thought was a nice addition to the burrito, except for the fact that there may have been a little bit much of it (there was a very rich feta-cheese flavour). Nonetheless, I am not complaining! (8/10)

Those of you who can count (or who, like me, have the calculator on their phones open) will note that Little Ass Burrito Bar have offered the first burrito that has passed the 40 point mark with an impressive score of 41/50.

Please do not think that my good experience with the staff have biased me to rate this burrito higher than it deserves, because I feel that it is my duty to rate every burrito with an appropriate and deserving score. This high score is purely due to the delicious and very enjoyable burrito that I had this afternoon.

And now, twice in the last few days have I partaken in a meal of a burrito, but don’t get used to two reviews in a week (my bank account surely cannot handle that!). It is likely that my next review will be next Wednesday, as I will be on Tiny Donkeys radio show on Trinity FM at 6pm on that evening.

And now that I have said my share, I am off to enjoy my weekend!

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