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A new burrito for a new week

January 21, 2013

Yes, my burrito was named Simon

Burrito number 3 of my challenge was had for lunch today, on this cold and snowy Monday afternoon. When I say afternoon, I’m almost being figurative – when I ordered the burrito it was still 5 minutes to midday – but the time it took to prepare meant that I actually consumed it this afternoon.

OK, so that information is completely irrelevant, and really just seems to imply that I have a ‘burrito problem’. A problem that I accept and embrace, however.

So today, I had a burrito from Mama’s Revenge on Nassau Street. This particular spot is quite popular with the Mechanical Engineering students in Trinity, and many claim that it is the best. I have never really been a fan of this particular restaurant, and am of the opinion that its popularity is solely due to the fact that it is less than a 4 minute walk from the Mechanical Engineering building. But, in order to be thorough in my determination of the best burrito in Dublin, I have to try every burrito bar in the City.

Mama’s Revenge, as with Tuzo’s, have a custom menu, rather than a set menu – the customer chooses what they want in their burrito, and customise it according to his or her taste. Being a student, I partook of the Classic Student burrito – reasonably priced at €5.50. On this burrito I had pork, black beans, tomato, cheese, lettuce and jalapeño peppers, on top of white rice. I had the regular salsa (as only regular or hot salsas are available).

As far as presentation is concerned, Mama’s Revenge did nothing noteworthy. They wrote my name on the foil, and wrapped it reasonably, but clearly hastily. I was not particularly impressed with the presentation, and award Mama’s Revenge with a score of 2/5.

While I admit openly that I have never been a fan of this particular burrito spot (and this may have left me biased upon going in), I have tried to be as impartial as possible in my grading of Mama’s Revenge – although I cannot pretend that I was overly impressed…

  • The burrito was sloppy and soggy, especially in the lower half of it. It seems that the juices from the salsa left the tortilla soggy and made it fall apart, leaving it of poor consistency. The texture was unusual too – especially due to the meat being very warm but the salads and salsa being cold and wet. It was not a particularly enjoyable meal… (3/10)
  • I have to say that I cannot fault the portions that Mama’s Revenge offer. This was a large burrito (made with the largest size tortilla that is available), and my hunger was quite satisfied upon finishing the meal. For €5.50, this burrito was good value. The only flaw that I have with the size of the burrito is that it could have been packed better (8/10)
  • The pork that is available for burritos is about the best thing about Mama’s Revenge – I have not had a pork burrito with such an impressive tasting pork in any other burrito restaurant (yet). The meat is very tasty, and the fact that it is ground means that it mixes well with the other ingredients throughout the burrito – although the rusty-red colour can be a bit off-putting. (8/10)
  • I was unimpressed with the selection of salsa as well as with the salsa in question that I chose. The regular salsa is both mild and flavourless, while being of a very watery consistency. I believe that it is the salsa that causes the sogginess in the tortilla, which leads to a messy and sloppy burrito, all in all. (3/10)
  • I was quite underwhelmed with the other ingredients too – the plain white rice was undercooked, dry and cold, while the lettuce seemed to be less than fresh (a bit brown and soggy). The jalapeño peppers would have been fine, had they not been picked, and had a strong taste of vinegar from them. The tomato and the beans were both fine, nothing worth mentioning but there was nothing to complain about with them either. I thought that the cheese could have been melted better had the burrito been toasted for longer, but that is more of a personal touch than the rest of the ingredients. (4/10)

All in all, this was not a particularly enjoyable burrito, as the score of 26/50 will tell you. Its only redeeming qualities were the size and the (very tasty) meat.

I’m going to have to make up for this disappointment (this is the kind of thing that could put me off burritos…) by trying somewhere new (to me), which will hopefully be much more enjoyable. Keep an eye out in the next couple of days for the next review…

  1. Simon,

    You mentioned repeatedly that you like tasty meat. This made us all chuckle. Also, a thought struck us as we read your blog; maybe our burrito wasn’t the problem, but your clearly evident butt-hurt before you even tasted it was.

    The team at Mama’s Revenge.

  2. Craw permalink

    I dig this review. Most lackluster burrito going

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