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Holy Balls, That’s Rain

January 31, 2013

Seriously though, that rain was mad. It was like tornado-hail (or razor-hail, for those of you who have played Gears of War). Barely got into the burrito place that I tried today, joined by the wonderful Craw and S-Dawg, before the Italian Quarter got pummelled. I mean, I could see the cobbles that make the path starting to split. This hail was intense.

And yes, to those of you who know the Italian Quarter, I (finally!) tried Boojum today. For weeks, I’ve had people telling me that this is the place to go, that if I want to find a serious contender in the competition, Boojum is guaranteed. In fact, Boojum is one of the places that, since the beginning of the burrito-boom, has been defended fiercely as the best in Dublin.

My first impression of the place, before I’d gotten (or even thought about) my burrito, was that the staff are awesome. I mean, those seemed like some genuine smiles – they seemed happy to see us, and happy to chat to us. I had a conversation with the cashier about my challenge, and she was convinced that Boojum would win, hands down. It has to be said, if there were a competition for the friendliest staff at a burrito bar in Dublin, Boojum would take the prize.

Well, since I’m meant to be finding the best burrito in Dublin, I should probably at least MENTION the burrito that I had… The choice in Boojum is pretty good; there are all the usuals (salsas of varying spiciness, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, etc), but then there are choices of the kind that were completely unexpected – two types of (fancy) rice, coriander and lime rice and Mexican rice, as well as a choice between white and brown tortillas.

So I went for a white tortilla, with lime and coriander rice. I had black beans, shredded pork, cheese, sour cream and the medium (green chilli) salsa. Nothing particularly exciting, but I was expecting good things from this burrito. And at €6.25 for this, with a drink (as part of their student deal), this was pretty reasonably priced.


A little piece of heaven

My meal was served to me (as all burritos are) wrapped in foil, but held together with a custom sticker. The sticker even had directions on how to eat the burrito, not that an aficionado *cough* such as myself would need instructions! The aluminium plates, covered by a napkin were a bit boring, so for presentation, I award Boojum a 3/5

But now comes the important part – how was the burrito itself?

  • In terms of consistency, Boojum packed a good burrito. It was moist and soggy, but not so much so that it was sloppy – I barely had to wipe sauce from my hands or face after eating it. I was afraid, after the first moist bite, that it would become soggy towards the end, but it did not, which was pleasantly surprising. That said, the ingredients were distributed quite poorly – sour cream at one side, salsa and beans at another, and meat and rice in between…a couple of small bites around the top of the burrito helped to fix this, but it certainly made eating it more difficult. The burrito also fell apart, bit by bit, as I worked my way through it. Not that it was badly wrapped, I just think that toasting burritos after the wrapping makes a huge difference (7/10)
  • My first impression of the size of this burrito was that it seemed about average in length, while being chubby. Seriously, this is a fat burrito, full of generous helpings of ingredients. I was starving before going to eat this, having a late lunch, and was feeling pleasantly full upon finishing up. At 7 this evening, I was still full, not in the mood for a full dinner, some 4 hours after finishing up at Boojum. This is a very filling lunch, and would do well as a dinner, and for €6.25, you can’t go wrong! (9/10)
  • There’s not much that I can say about the meat, mostly because there’s not much to complain about. It was beautiful. Tender, succulent and perfectly seasoned, with a great flavour. A little bit too soggy in the burrito, for my liking, but that’s only one drawback (9/10)
  • The salsa is, I believe, exactly how spicy a ‘medium’ rated salsa should be. It’s got a kick, you know that there is some chilli in it, but it’s very bearable. The salsa had a good flavour too, the green chillis being a good touch. It lacked in tomato and onion, however, which are flavours that I love, coupled with the chilli (8/10)
  • I think that I made a good choice, going for the coriander and lime rice. I very much enjoyed it, although I don’t doubt the Mexican rice, considering the quality of my choice. And the black beans were about the best that I’ve had – hard and crunchy on the outside, but soft once the shell has been broken; perfect, if you ask me. I like cheese in my burritos, but I prefer it to be melted, and the cheese in this burrito didn’t melt at all. This could have been fixed easily by toasting the burrito, before giving it to me, but that is only a small complaint about ingredients that were, otherwise, of top quality (9/10)

For those of you who have enough fingers to count up that high, you will note that Boojum has outscored Little Ass Burritos, and become the top scorer in my quest for Dublin’s best burrito. Boojum have been rewarded with a score of 42/50

I apologise to all those Boojum defenders, who have been singing their praises for months. I should never have doubted you, Boojum was (and is) a serious contender in the Burrito Wars

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