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Blue Mondays

February 4, 2013

This is actually the earliest in the day that I’ve written a burrito review. It’s probably because my Acoustics lecturer didn’t show up, but it means that I get to write about my latest burrito while it’s fresh in my mind.

So I went to Burritos and Blues on South Anne Street for lunch, and partook in their Silver Bullet burrito. Honestly, I’ve been dreading going here, because the only othe time I ate there, I had a moderately good burrito, but other people have complained about having had some absolutely woeful meals. But I’ve nearly run out of burrito restaurants to try, so it was time to bite the Bullet (thank you Reuben for the pun!)…

Like I said, I had the Silver Bullet. This is a burrito with yellow rice (the only rice available in Burritos and Blues), minced beef, cheese, tomato, onion and sour cream. I chose to have black beans, rather than pinto beans, and had their #3 salsa, the second hottest on the menu.

ImageSo I’ll quickly run through the presentation of the burrito. There was nothing outstanding about the presentation – it was a burrito, wrapped in foil, and put into a plain white paper bag. I completely forgot to take a photo of it, too, so the picture is just the result of a Google Images search! As it was quite a boring burrito to look at, the presentation gets a 1/5

So now I’ll go into my experience with the Silver Bullet

  • The first thing that I noted upon bitting into my burrito was that it was cold (not just a bit cold, from my walk back to college but stone cold, as if the ingredients weren’t warm to begin with) and very sloppy – so sloppy and messy that my hands were covered in juice after eating, and the tortilla had fallen apart. It was also badly wrapped, in a tough (possibly stale?) tortilla, with a bad distribution of ingredients – all the meat was at one side while all the other ingredients were at the other. (3/10)
  • As far as size is concerned, this was a reasonable burrito. There may not have been enough rice or meat, but it was a fat and chunky burrito, which left me reasonably full. It was a good size for lunch (7/10)
  • There’s not much to say about the meat really – it was a bit plain, without any notable flavour. It tastes like it’s just plain, store-bought minced beef, a bit disappointing on its own (4/10)
  • The salsa was a nice addition to the cold burrito, as its slight kick of spicy heat warmed it up just a little bit. The heat also stays in your mouth for a few minutes after heating – it’s a long-lasting kind of spice. Other than the heat, however, the flavour of the salsa is a bit lacking – it’s kind of just a background flavour, rather than anything notable (5/10)
  • The rice was fine, nothing special, but certainly not bad! I quite enjoyed the cheese, tomato and onions (although the cheese could have been melted), while the lettuce was brown and a bit old. The black beans were crushed or pureed, and I’d prefer them to be whole, so that wasn’t great (5/10)

As you can see, my fears about Burritos and Blues were well-founded…I was utterly disappointed having finished my lunch. I think that this disappointment is clear from the score of 24/50 that Burritos and Blues got.

Hopefully the remaining two burrito bars in Dublin, that I have yet to try, will fare better…

  1. I find their burritos to be rather sweet too. They verge on solid, but are far removed from spectacular. Out of interest, have you ever ad carnal thoughts about a burrito?

    I know I have.

    • Have you gone to confession about these thoughts? ‘Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I have thought about burritos in a way that no man should…’

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