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Having a Ball

February 7, 2013

All week I’ve been telling myself that on Thursday, I’ll be getting a burrito, and I’ll be getting it from Saburritos. I’ve been planning this particular trip, not because I’ve heard good things about Saburritos (actually, I’ve heard nothing whatsoever about the place), but because the Engineering Ball in college was on last night. That’s right, I was looking for some burrito-y goodness to help quench the fires of a hangover today.

So that’s exactly what I did. College finished up at 6 (oh yes, I went to lectures today!), and I raced across town to the Epicurean Food Court, to experience exactly what Saburritos has to offer. And I have to say, burritos seem to be the perfect food to help revive the soul, after a night like last night. And I was in dire need of that little bundle of magnificence!


Quite a poorly wrapped and presented burrito, I’m sure you’ll agree

Saburritos construct their cuisine, like Boojum, Tuzo, Tolteca and Mama’s Revenge, do not have a set menu of burritos, but a selection of ingredients, which the customer can choose from. So my burrito consisted of Spanish rice, refried beans, chorizo, cheese and lettuce. My salsa of choice was the 4-chilli rated Smoked Chipotle salsa – the second hottest on the menu.

Saburritos do not make a burrito that is appealing to the eye, it has to be said. It was presented in a very plain way – just wrapped in tin foil. And it wasn’t even well wrapped, there were spots that weren’t covered at all by the foil. So for this, I have to give a low presentation score to Saburritos – a 1/5

While the presentation of my burrito was poor, I have to say that I did enjoy my meal. How much? You will soon find out…

  • The consistency of the burrito was a bit strange, if I’m perfectly honest. The first half of it was quite dry, while the second half became soggy, and quite watery. This was a little bit offputting, and leads me on to what this problem implies – poor ingredient distribution. Like, this was the worst case of bad distribution that I’ve ever seen – the ingredients were segregated and separated across the width of it, and it was almost impossible to get a mouthful with a bit of everything in it. Not only this, but the tortilla got slightly burnt as it was being toasted, making it stick to the foil and tear, as well as being a bit tough. That said, this burrito did not fall apart in my hands, and was reasonably mess-free to eat (4/10)
  • OK, the consistency was a bit offputting, but this was a nice, chunky burrito. That’s the first thing that I noticed about it – well stuffed. Very generous with ingredients. So generous, in fact, that they had to make it twice, because the first burrito burst open when they tried to wrap it. As I ate the burrito, the ingredients kind of squished up together, making it a very easy burrito to eat quickly, and I was worried that it wouldn’t be filling at all. My worries were unfounded, however, as I was fairly satisfied with the amount that I ate. As a dinner, this was almost perfect – it would be a good lunch to keep you going all day too! (8/10)
  • Seriously, the meat was beautiful. They filled the burrito with perfectly sized chunks of chorizo. It was a little bit overcooked – dry rather than burnt – but that didn’t matter too much, the flavour more than makes up for that (8/10)
  • The salsa is something that I’m a bit torn on. It was spicy and smokey – very spicy in fact. The spice lasted well too, although it was almost too much for me (I would recommend milder salsas for those of you who are not partial to a good tongue-melting!). It sounds like a good salsa – good spice, good flavour – but there was a problem; it became overpowering. Maybe it’s due to the poor ingredient distribution, and that I got all the salsa at one point in my burrito, but I found that the salsa overpowered the rest of the flavours towards the end of the burrito. I wasn’t able to enjoy the chorizo very much towards the end of it, simply because all I could taste was a smokey heat (6/10)
  • Most of the remaining ingredients are worth noting – the Spanish rice in particular was fantastic. The choice was between plain rice and Spanish rice, and this was an easy decision, that seems to have worked out very well, despite being a little bit dry. The refried beans were also delicious, while the cheese melted perfectly while it was being toasted. The only complaint that I have is that the lettuce was a little bit old and stale tasting – but even that isn’t enough to destroy a reasonably enjoyable burrito (7/10)

So it seems that this was a burrito that has its upsides and its downsides, but that, all in all, is perfectly enjoyable. It would have scored much better than its 33/50 if not for the issues with texture and distribution, which left it being only an average burrito.

This was still a good burrito, and a great dinner on a hangover day – and anybody who met me today will tell you than I needed something to cheer me up!

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