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Yet another teenager in the house…

February 14, 2013

I don’t think that Cian was disappointed with his first ever burrito

Today is my younger brother, Cian’s birthday. He’s now officially a teenager, and has become moody, cranky and obnoxious overnight. Well not really, but it’s bound to happen eventually!

As per tradition, my Mum asked Cian what he would like for his birthday dinner – she makes all of her children the meal of their choice on their birthdays. So Cian, who has been reading my blog for a few weeks now (and has never had a burrito), chose to have a Mexican feast, focusing on burritos. I ate 3 burritos for my dinner, and a few large chunks of enchilada. To say that I’m full is an understatement – it hurts to move, hurts to breathe…


I ate 3 of these bad boys

Now it would be unfair on all of the burrito bars in Dublin if I were to rate my Mum’s cooking against theirs, since nobody can cook a better burrito than my mother. Also, it wouldn’t be fair on Mum to have every burrito-lover in Dublin showing up at her doorstep looking for a meal. So I decided to take this opportunity to change a few things in my quest to find Dublin’s finest burrito. Don’t worry, I’m not cheating, just narrowing down the options!

As I mentioned yesterday, when I began my quest to find Dublin’s (commercially available!) finest burrito, I made a list of burrito restaurants that I had to try. At the time, I thought that these 9 restaurants was all that there was to be found in Dublin (although I have been proven wrong since). As of yesterday, I have tried each of these burrito bars, and have developed an opinion on all of them.

Now I’m not saying that I’m rating Dublin’s burrito bars (although that will come into it), but trying to find the tastiest burrito. However, some restaurants have made burritos of such poor quality, that I would rather avoid returning to them…I don’t believe that these places could produce Dublin’s finest burrito. So I’ll look at the results so far, as well as the restaurants themselves, and narrow down the number of places that I’ve got to return to.

I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been proven wrong in thinking that I had made a list of all of Dublin’s burrito bars, and don’t think that I’ll avoid places that I’ve yet to try. I will try anywhere that I’m told about, and if it produces a good burrito, I shall return. There’s also a place that is notorious as being the home of Dublin’s worst burrito, that I will try just for my readers… So don’t be thinking that there’s no sacrifice on my part!

Now, when I return, I will be rating the burritos exactly the same as before. It wouldn’t be scientific to change my criteria at this stage in my quest – it would be unfair on whoever ends up with the more difficult rating criteria. So I’ll be rating the burritos the same from now on, although I won’t be rating the presentation of anywhere that I’ve already been (unless they do something outstanding and new, that warrants being rated). I may not try every single burrito that a certain restaurant has to offer (since vegetarian burritos don’t count!), but I will ensure that I’ve tried each type of meat that every burrito bar has on offer, as well as each type of rice and salsa.

I also think that I should let the world know (or at least let my readers know) where the best burrito so far has come from. That can be seen in the chart below


My decision on the burritos restaurants that I will not be returning to are as follows, and I’ll give a few reasons why:

  • Mama’s Revenge: This was the first unenjoyable burrito that I had during my challenge, and Mama’s is a place that I’ve never really had a good burrito. To be perfectly honest, I only went there as part of my quest in the interest of being thorough
  • Burritos and Blues: I had the worst burrito that I’ve ever eaten from Burritos and Blues, and that is just not good enough to maintain a place in the competition. I really do not want to eat there again
  • Burritos and Orange: OK, Burritos and Orange were better than I’d anticipated, I’ll admit as much. But the poor selection of ingredients to add to a burrito, as well as the lack of imagination that went into these ingredients means that I cannot see how Burritos and Orange would come close to a victory spot.

So I’ve removed three contenders from the competition, of the original nine. In the coming weeks, I may remove a few more from the competition, but until then, I will continue eating burritos from the remaining burrito bars, and rating them as I have until now.

Until now, I’ve more or less gone on instinct, when it came to choosing which burritos to try, in which restaurant. But I would be very pleased to try any suggestions that my readers may think are worth trying (I’ve had the manager from Little Ass Burritos corresponding with me, and he’s made a suggestion or two!). If you think that a certain combination could be a winner, feel free to comment on the blog, send me a message on Facebook, tweet your suggestion to me or send me a text. Or tell me in person, if you feel like some old-fashioned human interaction.

In the last five or ten minutes I’ve also decided that, besides finding Dublin’s finest bundle of magnificence, I’ll be rating the burrito restaurants as well – Dublin’s finest burrito bar (or the finest burrito bar company, in some cases) will be the place that is consistently scoring high. I’ll average the point scores that each bar gets, and the best burrito restaurant in Dublin will be the place that has the highest average score.

As I have promised to the manager of Little Ass Burritos, I will be back there early next week, to try what has been suggested for me by them. My next post will be next week, then, but I hope to hear from some of you in between


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  1. Naomi permalink

    I think you should try go veggie!

  2. Looks like you just got tango’d, Simon.

    PS: Check my name/link-thing.

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