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There and Back Again: A Little Ass’s Tale

February 18, 2013

So I’ve started returning to the burrito bars that I’ve been to before, with the first re-burritoing (that’s a word, right?) happening at lunch today. And as you’ve probably guessed from the title of this particular post, I went to Little Ass Burritos, close to the Stephen’s Green end of Dawson Street. (Also, I’m still reading JRR Tolkien, but that’s completely irrelevant even though it explains the title)

My trip to LAB today was to try out a burrito at the recommendation of the owner, who seems keen on getting my opinion on it. And I was happy to oblige – sure it’s a burrito, who am I to say ‘no’ to that?!


Super Batata from LAB

So I had the Super Batata today, and I have to be honest, I didn’t read the menu before ordering. Little did I realise that this is a vegetarian burrito, with sweet potato instead of meat. I know that I said I wouldn’t be going for meat-less burritos, but I figured that since I’d ordered it and paid for it, I may as well rate it according to my scale. Since there is sweet potato in it in the place of meat, I decided to rate this to make up for the extra 10 points.

Like I said, the Super Batata contains roasted sweet potato. It also consists of pinto beans, jack cheese, sour cream, lime rice and coriander. Nothing extravagant, but as I have already noted, sometimes simpler is better. I went for the mango salsa today, LAB’s third hottest (rating 3 chillis), once again at the recommendation of the manager.

This particular burrito wasn’t included in the student deal, so I went for the Lunch Deal, at €7 with a can of soft-drink. This is slightly more expensive than what I’m used to paying (although I usually avail of a student deal, so this isn’t all bad), but I was hopeful that the manager’s recommendations would pay off. Also, I’ve never not enjoyed a burrito from LAB, so this boded well for them.

  • The consistency of this burrito was about a good as it gets – it was held together well in the tortilla (which was toasted just enough for a crunch, but wasn’t too tough), while the insides were soft and moist. While the insides were moist, they were not soggy – they were just moist enough that my mouth didn’t dry out as I ate it, but dry enough that there was no mess whatsoever from it. Distribution wasn’t great to begin with – the beans, sour cream and cheese were all at one side – but about a third of the way down this corrected itself, and the distribution was pretty reasonable. As I said, the tortilla held together well, not opening or releasing ingredients at all, even in the last few (dangerous) bites. (9/10)
  • The size seemed a little bit small at first, just to look at, and I wasn’t sure how full that I’d be – I was quite hungry getting my lunch. At €7 for the meal, I was hoping that I’d be stuffed, and after my first couple of bites, I thought that this hope would not be fulfilled. Upon finishing it, however, I was very satisfied. I was full, but not so full that I couldn’t move, or that I wanted to sleep, just full enough that I thought I’d had a very good lunch. I may have been wrong about that, however – I was still very full at 5pm, over four hours after finishing my lunch, which shows that LAB makes a deceptively filling burrito. (9/10)
  • And now I’ll rate the sweet potato in place of the meat. This was a really nice touch to the burrito – it was soft and squishy and tender. It was like the perfect meat, except that it wasn’t meat! As the name suggests, it was sweet, which added a really unusual flavour to the burrito, and it was just a bit peppery – very much enjoyable. The only qualm I’d have with the sweet potato is that there may have been too much of it – this was a very carb-heavy burrito, and that might explain just how full I was after it. (8/10)
  • The mango salsa was a good recommendation on the part of the manager. This was a reasonably mild salsa (it had a kick of heat, but not mouth-melting!), but was also quite fruity and sweet, meaning that it perfectly complimented the sweet potato. The heat from it, although mild, was long-lasting, and I had a tingle from it on my tongue for a solid ten minutes after finishing my little bundle of joy, and I can say the same for the flavour. This was a VERY tasty salsa (9/10)
  • I have a slight issue with some of the remaining ingredients, but nothing major. I thought that the rice, although almost perfect, was a bit dry in spots – I possibly got a scoop from the top of the container, where the moisture had evaporated – but other than that, it was well-cooked and quite tasty. I am a fan of their lime rice, as I have said before. The beans were also a bit dry, as if they’d not been stored very well. The cheese was absolutely fine, except that I’m not sure that there was enough of it – I think that it could have done with a bit more, and it would have added very much to the burrito, while I think that there was just the right amount of coriander – enough that it can be tasted, while not so much as to be overpowering. (6/10)

Now, all in all, you can see that this was a pretty enjoyable burrito, despite an issue or two. I’d even go as far as to say that, despite being a vegetarian burrito, I’d be incredibly tempted to go for it again, it was that good (anybody who knows me will know how much of a compliment that is!). My calculator tells me that, adding up this score, I’ve awarded LAB a well-deserved score of 41/50

So this score makes LAB a very consistent burrito bar – that’s two different burritos of theirs that I’ve given the same score to. I even reviewed my rating upon realizing this, to see if there was anything that I missed, or forgot to take note of, but I’m happy with this rating.

I plan on returning to the second burrito bar on Dawson Street later this week – Tuzo’s shall be having their second review of the burrito challenge, so keep an eye out for that!

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