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I am the Burrito Baron

February 19, 2013

Yes, I’ve had my second burrito in two days. And yes, this was also from Little Ass Burritos. This is another recommendation from the manager, and is also a magnificent little bundle, just like my burrito yesterday. But I shouldn’t give things away too early on, or you’ll all stop reading now…

Maybe I shouldn’t have gone back to the same place two days in a row, but I promise that I’ll be trying somewhere else this week (possibly tomorrow, since I think that the Tiny Donkeys will be on TFM tomorrow evening, in case anybody fancies listening). But for now, you’ll have to make do with a second review of the same burrito bar, two days in a row.


This week’s VIB

So I went back to LAB, and am now well set for a Golden Week, if I so wish. By a Golden Week, of course I mean a week in which I have a burrito on every day (at least, every day that I’m in town for college – every weekday). But maybe Golden Week doesn’t sum this up – maybe it’s a Platinum Week, or a Rhodium Week (since, according to the Discover Channel website – – Rhodium is the most valuable metal in the world). I’ll settle for Golden Week, though, until we can decide this properly.

So today’s burrito was very similar to yesterday’s burrito, except for the addition of chorizo. This is the VIB (Very Important Burrito) that LAB do every week, and it changes from week to week. Just as a reminder of what’s in it, besides chorizo, there is: lime rice, sweet potato, pinto beans, sour cream, jack cheese and coriander. Today, I decided to get the Smokey salsa, which is one of their milder salsas, rating only 2 chilis. So this was like a non-vegetarian version of my lunch yesterday.

I’ve already said that I enjoyed this burrito, although considering how much I enjoyed my burrito yesterday, I’m pretty sure that was a given…

  • Like yesterday’s burrito, this was soft and moist, but not too watery or sloppy. It held together very well, having been wrapped as perfectly as LAB always wrap them – their burritos are wrapped as if the tortilla was a sleeping bag for my meal. This burrito was not as soft as the Super Batata, although the fact that there were slices of chorizo means that this is a given, it would have a certain amount more resistance over the veggie-burrito. I thought that the distribution had improved upon yesterday, although it got worse as I worked my way through it (clearly I ate it ‘upside down’ compared to yesterday). Once again, absolutely no mess and no waste (9/10)
  • Being my second post about LAB in as many days, there’s not very much that I can say about the size that wasn’t said yesterday. I will say that I’m slightly more full due to the addition of meat to the burrito – I was certainly feeling it about two thirds of the way through it. That said, I was less hungry today at lunch than I was yesterday, so I’m not sure how this would fare for dinner, rather than lunch (9/10)
  • I enjoyed the chorizo from LAB before, and I’ve enjoyed it again. It’s got a good, solid flavour, it is fresh and smokey. For most of the burrito, there seemed to be just the perfect amount of it too, although the poor distribution at the end meant that there was a dense chunk of meat in the last few mouthfulls – just a little bit too much towards the end, as it took away from the other flavours (9/10)
  • This salsa was a reasonably good salsa, although I much preferred the Mango salsa that I had yesterday. It was smokey in flavour, meaning that the name is certainly appropriate, and it was mild, but had a slight kick of heat. The flavour didn’t last well, however, and kind of died into the background of the other flavours, rather than complimenting them. (7/10)
  • I love the lime rice from LAB, but it always seems to be a bit dry, which is a bit disappointing – the citrus lime flavour seems to work perfectly with burritos, usually. The pinto beans were very much improved upon today, being much more fresh and a bit softer. As with yesterday, the sweet potato was gorgeous, it was sweet and a bit peppery, which worked well with the lime rice (sweet potato countering the sour of the rice). I do think that there was a bit much of the sweet potato, however, it was just a bit carb-heavy, once again. The addition of the chorizo was perfectly complimented by the coriander, which seems to fit in well. Certainly a tasty background flavour (8/10)

I’m actually quite excited to say that LAB have managed to improve upon their score, and have managed to match Boojum with a solid and impressive score of 42/50. I honestly think that, had I picked the Mango salsa (which I’d argue is one of the best salsas that I’ve ever had), that LAB would have reached the top of the list. My bad…

I suppose that I’ll have to go back to Boojum soon to see if their next effort is worth another point to them, but I have other plans for this week.

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