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The Magma was Flowing

February 20, 2013

As I promised that I would do this week, I have returned to Tuzo Mexican Kitchen on Dawson Street today – since it is the TCD Deal of the Week. €5 for a burrito and a drink; can’t go wrong! And I’d heard all week (while I dined at LAB!) that Tuzo’s were giving their usual portions out for the DOTW, which is quite unusual for a burrito bar…


Tuzo’s offering for the Deal of the Week

So I had to check it out. I got there this evening at about 5pm, having been stood up by Craw (he somehow managed to lose his trousers). I planned on dining there before the Tiny Donkeys were on air, and was looking forward to it all afternoon. While Craw may have stood me up, I met a man who has a striking resemblance to Jared Leto, none other than Ciaran Tuohy (who is probably very angry at me for pointing out the resemblance, again). So I did not have to dine alone!

The burrito that I decided to have this time, since I’d had a beef one the last time that I partook in a Tuzo’s bundle of magnificence, was a chicken burrito. Besides chicken, I had their coriander rice, pinto beans, tomato, cheese, lettuce and sour cream. I went for their (4 chilli rated) red salsa, with just a smidge of their extra hot (5 chilli rated salsa) this time, deciding to be brave (well, kind of brave, it was just a tiny bit of this salsa!).

I was a bit disappointed that I did not get a Tuzo sticker on my burrito this time, although if the restaurant has been as busy in the last three days as the rumours suggest, then they may have run out of stickers. So I won’t hold it against them, this time!

I’ll just get straight to it, and start my usual breakdown of how my burrito was:

  • My first mouthful was an insight into how the consistency of this burrito was going to be: sloppy and messy. It was incredibly watery (probably due to the water or sauces that the chicken, pinto beans, lettuce and salsa were stored in), and seemed to soak through the tortilla very quickly. This soakage meant that the burrito fell apart about three quarters of the way down, something which could have been avoided if it were toasted – it also would have stayed warmer for longer had it been toasted. All of that said, the distribution of ingredients in the burrito was fantastic – probably the best distribution of any burrito that I’ve had. (5/10)
  • As far as size is concerned, and especially considering how cheap this burrito was (being the Deal of the Week), this was a very good sized meal – this was my dinner and I was reasonably full after it. It was fat and long, as you can see in the picture, but it compressed just a bit as I ate it (or else maybe that was the water content escaping all over my hands!). Still, this compression wasn’t bad, so I’ve got no major complaints (9/10)
  • I’d heard great things about the chicken from Tuzo’s, and I was looking forward to this. Needless to say, the over-cooked, tough and fatty meat that I received was nothing more than a disappointment… There was no real flavour from it, except for a slight barbecue/grill flavour, nothing that stood out very much. That said, the only reason that it scores as above average (more than a 5/10), is due to the incredibly generous portion of meat that the customer has in their burrito – it was generous, but not so much that it was too much meat. The perfect amount of meat. (6/10)
  • This salsa (or this combination!) was hot. Like not just hot like a good tingle in your mouth, but so hot that I’m almost entirely sure that they put molten magma in my burrito. Or maybe this salsa is made using magma. Either way, when I finished my burrito, my eyes were watering, my face was red and covered in perspiration and my nose was streaming – not to mention the fact that my tongue was swollen to the point that I didn’t think it was going to fit into my mouth any more. Now if you like spicy food (as I do), you’ll be able to bear this. If you LOVE spicy food, this is the combination for you, but if you cannot stand the heat, stay far, far away from this salsa! I had to go off on a milk run after my burrito, just so I could talk for the radio! It has to be said, though, that besides the heat, the salsas had very little flavour – a little bit of smokiness, but even that was faint, at best. There was no hint of tomato, onion or any herbs from the salsa, just heat. Not the best salsa out there, if truth be told. (6/10)
  • I love the coriander rice, it has to be said. This is very tasty, but Tuzo’s are a bit stingey with it – barely a tablespoon full of rice was put onto my burrito, which was quite disappointing. That said, the tomato was fresh and tasty (there was a herb in it that I don’t know what it is, but that stuff adds flavour that I can’t quite describe, but it was good!), as were the pinto beans, which were cooked to perfection. I quite like the small gratings of cheese that Tuzo’s do, as I’ve mentioned before. I was a bit disappointed with the lettuce though – it was a bit old and brown, and just a little bit tough; not the nicest salad in the world. The sour cream, on the other hand was perfect – and it was seriously needed! I don’t think I had enough of it though… (7/10)

Now you’ll see that Tuzo’s have not fared as well this time as they did before, but that may be due to the fact that they have a student deal running this week, and that they have been overrun with students. I was expecting better than a 33/50 from Tuzo’s, but that’s still about an average score. I still very much enjoyed my burrito, however!

Now Tuohy, who had dinner with me this evening, had a few comments to make about his burrito: He agrees with me about the rice, it was a very small portion, and the beef that he had was a bit tough. His opinion of the ingredient distribution was that it was poor, as opposed to my good distribution – I suppose it depends on the person who makes the burrito for you. He says, however, that the green chilli salsa is the perfect salsa – it is the perfect combination of flavourful and spicy (but not mouth-meltingly so!).

If you want to hear about just how spicy the salsa that I had was (and have a laugh at my expense), I’ll tell you about the aftermath of my burrito. I’d wiped my hands with some napkins before leaving, and, while walking towards Nassau Street I scratched my face. Actually, I scratched my eye – and sweet mother of God was that painful…I almost cried in the middle of Dawson Street. Needless to say, I was sure to wash my hands VERY well before touching my fact again!

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  1. Other Ciaran permalink

    Tuohy is going to love the comparison…..

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