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The return of the…Burrito Baron

February 25, 2013

Not even two weeks ago I made a list of burrito bars that I would not be returning to (as well as a list of types of burrito that I would not be trying). Well, last week I had a vegetarian burrito, and this week I returned to Burritos and Blues on South Anne Street. I guess you can’t trust me to do what I say I’ll do!

I didn’t just return to Burritos and Blues on a whim, however. The administrator of their Twitter account got in touch with me regarding my review of them, saying that they were disappointed with my experience. They told me that their recipes had changed since my review, and asked if I’d consider giving them another try. My review wouldn’t have been applicable any more, after the change in recipes, so it was only fair that I give it a go. I also won’t deny that I was intrigued about these new recipes!


A Silver Bullet with Chicken and #2 Salsa

So this afternoon, I returned to B&B with Stephen, Niamh and Hilary, to grab us some burrito-y goodness for lunch! I got a burrito with chicken, pinto beans, their #2 Salsa (rated for slight burn), sour cream, tomato and onion, cheese and lettuce.

This burrito was similar to the last one I had from B&B, except that last time I had minced beef and black beans instead. So let’s see how it did:

  • My first bite of the burrito was a bite through a tough tortilla – it was a bit bready (not stale), and it was warm. This effort was significantly less soggy and messy than the last time I ate there, and it was also much warmer. This was still a moist burrito (it wasn’t dry or difficult to eat), just not sloppy. That is, it wasn’t sloppy until the end, where the fluids seemed to have settled, and the tortilla just fell apart in a bit of a mess. This could have been avoided (I think) if the burrito had been toasted after having been wrapped. The burrito could also have been better wrapped – there were sections where there were 3 layers of tortilla, which is just too much. The distribution was acceptable – the rice could have mixed through with the other ingredients a bit better, but the mix was not bad at all. It has to been said, the consistency was much better than the last time I tried B&B (6/10)
  • This is a reasonably good sized burrito. Having had it for lunch, I think that it was pretty good – I was quite full after it, but not sluggish. It’s definitely not big enough for dinner (for me anyway!), but not much more would have been a very filling lunch. (7/10)
  • The meat was pretty good, I have to say. The chicken was in perfect-sized chunks of chicken breast, with a slight barbecue flavour (or at least, there seemed to be!). The meat was a little bit dry, it has to be said, which is probably from being stored in heated tins, after cooking. I also think that there may not have been enough meat, but that could just be my opinion. (6/10)
  • I quite liked this salsa – it had a good tomato flavour, and there was a background flavour of herbs of some sort; it was tasty! The flavour also lasted well, and seemed to compliment the barbecue flavour of the chicken. All this said, it was not a very spicy salsa – the heat was almost non-existent. I also think that the salsa could have been thicker – it’s quite watery in consistency, and a thicker salsa might improve the way that the burrito falls apart. (7/10)
  • The rice was more or less the same as before – tasty, but a bit dry. The portion was also quite small, as more rice can hold more liquid and prevent the burrito from becoming soggy. The lettuce and tomato and onion were all fresh and crispy, a significant improvement upon last time. They were quite cool, having been stored in water, but they did not force the burrito to go cold as quickly as I expected. I think that spoons with holes in them would help the sogginess of the burritos (especially when the staff are in a rush), because that would help to drain the water from the salads. This would not affect the efficiency of the manufacturing line technique that B&B so perfectly apply! The pinto beans were exactly as I like them – spread out throughout the burrito, being soft and warm. Some more pinto beans wouldn’t have been amiss either, although I know that’s just me! (6/10)

You’ll all agree, then, that Burritos and Blues have fared much better this time than they did last time. They have managed a nine point improvement on their score, having come out this time with a solid score of 33/50.

I would also like to thank the person behind the Burritos and Blues Twitter account for asking me to return, I enjoyed my lunch in the South Anne Street burrito bar much more upon my return

One Comment
  1. Eoin O'Sullivan permalink

    Glad you gave em a second try. 33 definitely seems like a fairer score for B&B from my experience with them.

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