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Over 5,000 views

March 3, 2013

This week (in fact, last night, while I was at work), this blog passed the 5,000 views mark. I’m quite proud of that, it’s a pretty serious milestone! Just to think, that about three weeks ago, I was chuffed that the number of views was over 1,000. It would seem that my quest for the best burrito in Dublin is going viral.


My Second Trip to Saburittos

So, I may as well continue with my quest. Last night, before going to work, I met RKC and S-Dawg for a burrito, and off to Saburritos we went. You can imagine the disappointment when we found that the Saburritos stand in the Epicurean Food Court was closed…But lucky for us, the shop on North Early Street was still selling their bundles of magnificence.

While I was deciding what to get, I did a quick read through my last review of Saburritos – just to make sure that I tried some new ingredients this time. May as well be as thorough as possible with my reviews of a burrito bar!

So I made my choice for what kind of burrito that I’d be having – a pulled beef burrito this time. In my burrito were pinto beans, lime and coriander rice, cheese and lettuce. I decided to go for the salsa verde this time, since the smoked chipotle salsa was so hot last time. I decided that going for something hotter than last time would be a bad idea, so I went for the third hottest salsa on the menu – the middle of the road salsa, as it were.

Here’s how my burrito was:

  • As far as consistency is concerned, I was impressed with my first few bites. The distribution of ingredients was very good – it was easy to get a mouthful of all of the ingredients. The burrito did look soggy while it was being made, but the first half was perfectly moist. This level of moisture was not consistent throughout the burrito, however; it got very sloppy and soggy about half way through. This sogginess meant that the burrito just became very messy and fell apart towards the end – even the fact that the burrito was toasted couldn’t help it. (6/10)
  • This was a good sized burrito, it has to be said. I was quite content with my meal, and before going to work, I like to be quite full. The helpings of the ingredients were quite generous too. My one qualm with the size of the burrito is the cost – it was €7.75, including a drink. While this is not bad, especially for dinner, I’d be a bit annoyed at spending that on lunch. That said, this was a big enough burrito for dinner, so I can’t hold the price against them too much. (8/10)
  • When I saw the pulled beef in the pot, I knew that this was going to be a very tasty burrito.  I can’t even begin to describe just how good the meat looked, and I was just hoping that it was going to taste as good as it looked. And I was not disappointed. The meat was clearly good quality beef – none of that Tesco horse-meat for the Saburritos clientèle. That said, the beef was a bit tough, perhaps it had been cooked quite early in the day. There was a great barbecue flavour from the meat – not like a store-bought BBQ sauce, but like something homemade; it was smoky and fresh and herbal. Definitely something good! (9/10)
  • I was actually very disappointed with the salsa, if truth be told. While it looked like it could be a great salsa, I found it very flavourless. It was also much milder than expected – there was a slight background kick to it, but nothing notable. Don’t get me wrong, the salsa was perfectly fine, just it was nothing special – it was just average. (5/10)
  • The pinto beans were some of the best that I’ve ever had. They were whole, in a sauce, and quite soft and fresh. Very good! The lime and coriander rice was also delicious, if not quite dry and a bit overcooked. The cheese was perfectly melted – the toasting oven that Saburritos use really stands out with that. (9/10)

You’ll see now that Saburritos second review is better than the first time I went there, having managed a 37/50. While the first time, they didn’t stand out compared to many other places, this burrito was quite competitive in quality. Not to mention incredibly enjoyable!

I plan on having another burrito for lunch on Tuesday, so keep an eye out on Tuesday evening for my next review!

  • Consistency and Texture: 6/10
  • Size: 8/10
  • Meat: 9/10
  • Salsa: 5/10
  • Rice and Other Ingredients: 9/10
  • Total Score: 37/50
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