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A lunch I’ve been looking forward to

March 5, 2013

After their last, incredible burrito, I’ve been looking forward to returning to Boojum, in the Italian Quarter. The only reason that I haven’t is because of how far it is from college, and how little time I have for lunch, usually. But today, being Tuesday, I have a 7-hour break, so taking my time at getting lunch is a no-brainer. (I mean, what else would a fourth year student be doing when he doesn’t have lectures? Studying? Assignments? Ha! Burritos it is!)


Presentation from Boojum

Some of my friends, who heard about how much I enjoyed my last trip to Boojum also fancied coming along to give them a go, so there was a large group of us today. Nearly as many as went to Paraic’s house for some damn good homemade burritos last Thursday (see, told you I’d mention it, Paraic!). I wasn’t just looking forward to this all day, but I’ve been looking forward to this burrito since Sunday, when I decided that Tuesday was going to be my second trip to Boojum.

On a slight side note, Niamh has come up with a plan for a full, 3 course meal that consists entirely of burritos: Parma ham and Fetta cheese wrapped up as a starter, a burrito (possibly an Indian-food style burrito) for the main course, and a dessert of a crepe filled with ice-cream, fruit and chocolate (and I reckon she should add rice-pudding, but she disagrees). This could be magnificent, but I doubt it’ll ever happen…

I’ve also been dared to add as many ridiculous, engineering terms to the review, just to try and confuse anybody but the most excessive nerd out there. I’m tempted, although it might end badly…I’ll decide as I actually get to reviewing my food!

So now I’m writing all about my burrito, the trip to get my burrito and I’ll eventually get to my review of the burrito. But until then, I’m going to keep rambling, because I’d much rather write for my blog than work on the acoustics lab report that I should finish up…

Or, I could actually get to the review of my burrito, since that’s the main reason anybody would be reading…


Here’s how the distribution from Boojum was

So my burrito came in a white tortilla. I got the Mexican rice, pinto beans and shredded beef in my burrito. I also got cheese, sour cream and lettuce, and got their hot salsa – the hottest that Boojum offer.

  • As usual, I’ll start with the consistency of my burrito. The first thing I noticed, when I bit in, is that the distribution of ingredients was not great, which should be clear from the picture. The ingredients were kind of just layered within the burrito – they all had their own space and there was no mixing them together. It was also a bit soggy, but wasn’t overly messy. It got messier the more I ate it (having started out without being messy at all), but it’s certainly not bad. Boojum certainly know how to wrap a burrito – despite the sogginess, my burrito did not fall apart at all, right down to the last bite. (7/10)
  • As with my last burrito from Boojum, I got the student deal, which was €6.25 (including a can of soft-drink). I think that this burrito was bigger than the last time I was there, because I was stuffed after it. In terms of morphology, it was both fat and round, and had some very generous portions of ingredients in it. I was more full after this burrito than I normally would be after lunch – this would have been an ideal dinner-sized burrito. And all for €6.25 – that’s some fantastic value. I can’t find a single fault with the size of the burrito (10/10)
  • I quite enjoyed the meat in my burrito – it was some good quality, freshly cooked beef. It was moist, for the most part, although it seemed to be quite dry in some parts. It was also very tough, and quite dense – if it had been spread out throughout the burrito a little bit more, this might not have been as much of an issue though. That said, there was still a decent portion of meat. (8/10)
  • For the first few bites of the burrito, I quite enjoyed the salsa – it was reasonably spicy, but not so much as to cause discomfort. There was a very nice, smokey flavour, which seemed to last well between mouthfuls. After the first quarter of my burrito, however, the heat increased, and the flavour of the salsa became quite lacking – it just tasted like spicy. The heat lasted well, but this is not a great substitute for flavour. (7/10)
  • Once again, the remaining ingredients were very impressive, here at Boojum. The Mexican rice was absolutely glorious, it was mildly spicy, and had some great flavour to it. It had that stereotypical Mexican flavour to it, which was very enjoyable. The pinto beans were great too, being well cooked (boiled, I think), being soft on the inside, while having just enough of a shell to hold together in the burrito. The only issue that I had with any of the other ingredients is that the cheese didn’t melt very well – something that could have been improved upon by toasting the burrito. (9/10)

So Boojum have fared well once again, although not quite as well as my last trip there. That said, they only lost a point on their last score, and a 41/50 is still a solid score.

I suppose I should get back to my lab report now… but I’ve got National Burrito Day in Tolteca to look forward to on Thursday

The breakdown of the score is:

  • Consistency and Texture: 7/10
  • Size: 10/10
  • Meat: 8/10
  • Salsa: 7/10
  • Rice and Other Ingredients: 9/10
  • Total Score: 41/50
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