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The Tiniest Tiny Donkeys yet…

March 6, 2013

Today is Wednesday, which is Tiny Donkeys day to me. This is the day, during college term, that the Tiny Donkeys (the radio show of which I am a co-host) is broadcast, and we act like children in the Trinity FM studio. It’s great!


The offering from Pablo’s in Temple Bar

But today was a sad day for the Tiny Donkeys (not to be confused with a Sad day, which is a normal Wednesday, cos Sad’s the boss in the studio). We were reduced to three presenters… Sad’s off being whipped, and Dave and Reuben were too busy with college work to come and join us. So Aidan and I were forced to act like children in the studio, and throw straws at each other, while Craw poked my ear with some other straws.

But I diverge from the point I meant to make. Tiny Donkeys day means that we have burritos for dinner. And in case I’ve never mentioned it before: yes, the name of our radio show is inspired by burritos. I mean, let’s face it, burritos are the bomb!

Today, the remaining Tiny Donkeys converged in the burrito bar that has become traditional for our pre-show burritos: Pablo Picante. Back when the show first began, we would converge in Clarendon Market, but now we converge in the Temple Bar premises. So I’ve been back to my old friend for a burrito, once again.


Check out the good ingredient distribution

Since I’ve been to Pablo’s many times before, I decided to try a burrito that I’ve never had before, with a salsa that I’ve never had before. So I went for the Senior ‘Slim’ Delgado burrito, with the Smokie salsa. This is an unusual burrito for Pablo’s: A tomato tortilla, with chicken, black beans, feta cheese and guacamole. You’ll note that there is no rice in this particular burrito.

I will say that I was hungry going in for my dinner today, and perhaps the lowest carb burrito may not have been the best idea… Honestly, I didn’t read the menu when I ordered it, I just decided ‘Hey, I’ve never asked for this one before!’ So here’s how it was:

  • My first bite of this burrito was quite enjoyable, in terms of texture: It’s a soft burrito, and quite moist, but in no way is it sloppy or messy. This continued, for the most part the whole way down – the only reason that I got sauce on my hand was because I was too busy trying to note my thoughts on the burrito, and nearly dropped it! It did get a bit soggy towards the end, but that’s certainly not bad. The salsa was quite thick and viscous, so it held everything together quite nicely – it aided the toasting in preventing any de-construction of the bundle. I also have to say that the distribution of ingredients was quite good, most bites were rewarded with a good mix of ingredients. (8/10)
  • Lately, I’ve had some big burritos, and this is something that Pablo’s is not famous for. And this lived up to the Pablo’s standard – it was not a bit burrito, and nor was is particularly filling. This may have been due to the lack of carbohydrates, compared to most burritos, however… I did find that the burrito seemed to compress as I ate it – that there were voids and bubbles of air within it that were released, making the burrito seem smaller as I ate it. I think that this burrito would be better suited for lunch, although at €6 (using my student card), I wouldn’t be overly happy with the value for money. (6/10)
  • The chicken was pretty good, in terms of its consistency. It wasn’t in chunks, but seemed to be almost shredded – it was easy to eat, and there were no large lumps of meat in some mouthfuls, followed by a lack of chicken in others. It also seemed to be some good quality chicken breast, although I found the marinade a bit lacking – it tasted a bit plain and boring. (7/10)
  • This was a fantastic salsa, I have to say. Smokie is certainly an appropriate name for it too – it was smoky in flavour, while also having a great barbecue flavour of it (I know they both sound like similar flavours, but somehow, both flavours stood out). It was nicely spicy too – it wasn’t overly hot, but there was a noticeable amount of heat to it. The heat and the flavour both lasted well, leaving me tasting the salsa long after I’d finished my burrito. (9/10)
  • I was quite impressed with the tomato tortilla – it was unusual (and unexpected, since I didn’t read the menu!), but certainly very tasty. It tasted a lot less floury than most tortillas do, which was definitely nice. The black beans were, in my opinion, overcooked – they just fell apart and turned to mush in the burrito, whereas I prefer them to have a good crunch to them. The guacamole was a good touch in the burrito; I’ve never had the Pablo’s guac before. The avocado used was clearly fresh, but the guacamole was otherwise a bit flavourless – there was none of the lime, garlic or chilli that I’d expect from a good guacamole. The feta was a bit lacking in flavour, in my opinion – it seemed nonexistent in the burrito, to be perfectly honest. And I’m normally a fan of feta, so that was a bit disappointing. I should note that I have not rated this burrito on its rice, since it does not have rice. I just graded the remaining ingredients on how well I enjoyed them (6/10)

I felt a bit disappointed with how full I was after my burrito, but I have to say that Pablo’s have always been known for their ethos of ‘quality over quantity’, which stands out in this burrito, for the most part – it was certainly very tasty. They managed a solid 36/50 score – 2 points less than their last rating, but still a decent and impressive score.

I realised, since eating this burrito, that both of the burritos that I’ve had from Pablo’s in my quest so far have been chicken – I’ll have to correct that upon my return. Their barbacoa is magnificent, and I’ve yet to do it justice! But first, I should be returning to a few of the other burrito bars, for National Burrito Day in Toltecca is just one sleep away…

  • Consistency and Texture: 8/10
  • Size: 6/10
  • Meat: 7/10
  • Salsa: 9/10
  • Rice and other ingredients: 6/10
  • Total score: 36/50
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