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National Burrito Day

March 7, 2013

Today was National Burrito Day, and Tolteca were giving out free burritos. It was my plan to avail of some free goodness, but in my one hour off from college this afternoon, the queue was so long that I was certain I wouldn’t get my burrito – it reached from Tolteca all the way down Suffolk Street, and was beginning to go up Grafton Street at that point. So I turned around and went back to college.

While I didn’t manage to get a burrito from Tolteca today, a friend (and reader) of mine did. He gave me his two cents on the matter (and, to be honest, I’m glad that I turned around and went back to college). So here is what Eoin O’Sullivan thought of his trip to Tolteca for National Burrito Day:

‘So I went for the chicken burrito with Chipotle Lightning Salsa (supposedly the hottest at 4 chillies). Given it was a day where they had what can only be assumed to be billions of customers with the length of that line, it was to be expected that they wouldn’t be packing too much into the little wrap so I prepared myself to be still hungry once finished. That said, I was still surprised with how sparse they were with the rice. Barely half a ladle. The rest of the ingredients (black beans, mixed fried veg, lettuce, cheese) were also quite lacking so it was no surprise that the wrap was doubled over on itself leading to an excess of tortilla.

The first bite, was just an explosion of salsa. nothing else. Safe to say, distribution of ingredients left much to be desired. That said, while somewhat moist, it wasn’t soggy at all and (possibly due to lack of content) stayed pretty intact throughout the whole meal).

Size, was barely enough to stop my stomach from grumbling so I naturally had to grab something else (onion rings) after I had arrived at a meeting that I was almost late for thanks to the length of the queue. That said, I will return to avail of the €5 meal deal with the menu voucher they had to see if their size improves much with a more regular quantity of costumers.

The chicken was a nice, served in small chunks that were of a decent flavour that occasionally made its way through whenever there was some chicken in the mouthful but given the sparseness of the meat, that usually only occurred every second bite. The biggest disappointment with this burrito was the salsa. Going in feeling brave, I decided the spiciest was the way to go. My first bite being about 70% salsa had a bit of a kick but nothing lasting and the remainder of salsa was so mild I hardly even touched my drink till after finishing the meal. The salsa, while nice in texture (not too runny, chunky but not too chunky), lacked in any strong flavour or spice.

As for the other ingredients, the rice was a little too dry, the fried veg was nice bit sparse, the lettuce was nice and crisp and the cheese (cheddar) was decent but again, all too sparingly distributed.

Consistency and Texture: 5/10
Size: 4/10
Meat: 6/10
Salsa: 4/10
Rice and other ingredients: 6/10
Total score: 25/50

So in conclusion, it was a somewhat disappointing but acceptable given the strenuous circumstances they were under.’


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