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Don’t worry, I haven’t gone away

March 20, 2013

I realise that I haven’t been posting about burritos much lately – only one last week, and this is the first time I’ve posted since. Don’t worry though, it’s not that I’ve lost interest, or become bored of burritos (as if that were possible!), I’ve just been busy with college and St Patrick’s weekend at work.

But now I’ve got something to post about. And, to make up for the lack of posts lately, I’ve got a something special lined up for tomorrow. Something that isn’t quite burrito related, but that I think you might find interesting. But I’m not going to give it away (to those of you who don’t already know) now, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

As I’ve mentioned countless times, Wednesday is Tiny Donkeys day, and so the traditional burrito was to be had. As per usual, Craw promised to come find us in the burrito bar at some stage during our meal, but instead just showed up late to the studio. Reuben was too busy working on an assignment for a burrito, and @Radiiqur wasn’t able to do the show today. So it was just myself and ACon for burritos.

As ACon has never been there before, and since I wanted to go back (mostly the latter), we went to Tuzo Mexican Kitchen for our dinner today. After today, I’ll have had every meat that is available in Tuzo’s, meaning that I may be finished with my first burrito bar, for the competition anyway. There are several ingredients I have yet to try there – the guacamole among them. This will be something to try out before I close the (competition) books on Tuzo’s.

However, this was not about discussing where I stand in my burrito quest (although that is coming along nicely), this is about my latest burrito. And for that reason, I’ll get straight to it!


I went for pork today, being the last meat that I’d yet to try in Tuzo’s. Aside from the meat, I had the usual rice, cheese, sour cream and lettuce combination that I’ve always had in Tuzo’s. I chose pinto beans and the hot salsa, coupled with some pico de gallo.

And boy does this burrito look good, don’t you agree? Well-presented to the customer, I have to say!

  • In terms of consistency, the first bite was absolutely great. There was a good crunch from the lettuce (which I’ve never had just from lettuce before), and a good mix of ingredients. As I’m sure you can tell from that, the distribution was pretty good, there was a great mix of ingredients throughout the burrito. While it was pretty good in terms of consistency, it was not great – this burrito was one of the sloppier and soggier burritos that I’ve ever eaten – it was incredibly messy. What a shame too, because if not for that, it may have come close to a perfect score. (7/10)
  • The size was very reasonable, for a burrito (and drink) that cost €6. It was a good, large burrito, which left me quite full after it – the portion sizes were pretty decent, especially the meat. While it wasn’t a dense burrito, it did not compress at all as I ate it, so it retained its size pretty well. It’s somewhere between the perfect size for lunch and for dinner – too much for lunch but not quite enough for dinner. (9/10)
  • The meat was quite tasty, if a little dry. There was a good, generous helping of pork, which was a little bit tough, but not too bad. It seemed to be slightly overcooked, which is a shame. (7/10)
  • The salsa was better this time than the last time I ate at Tuzo’s. While I had the same salsa, this was not as overpoweringly spicy (a smaller portion, distributed more evenly throughout the burrito certainly helped). It was some nice background heat, in terms of spice, which complimented the flavours of the pork, the beans and the pico de gallo, without masking them. It could have been spicier, as one would expect from the hottest salsa on the menu, but that is not a huge complaint. All it did was add a peppery, smoky flavour to the burrito, which was certainly very enjoyable. (8/10)
  • The rice was as good as usual, a small portion, but not as dry as the last time I ate in Tuzo’s. The coriander was in just the right proportions, meaning that it wasn’t an overpowering flavour. The lettuce was a bit yellow and old, or possibly from the centre of a head of lettuce. Either way, it was quite bitter, despite the nice crunch it gave. The cheese, on the other hand, melted perfectly, while the pinto beans were large and perfectly cooked – they fell apart in my mouth, without the need to be chewed. The pico de gallo was delicious too, and was mildly peppery, as with the salsa. (7/10)

I couldn’t not show the beautiful ingredient distribution

Tuzo’s have done well for themselves this time, resulting in the highest score that they’ve yet received from me in my quest – 38/50. Certainly something to be pleased with!

The one thing that I’d mention about Tuzo’s is the lack of consistency between staff members there. A different member of staff made Aidan’s burrito, which was much smaller than mine, and had a much smaller portion of meat in it. That said, his was a lot less messy to eat, so he managed to keep his hands clean while he ate, whereas I looked like a savage who’s never learned to eat properly.

All in all, I’ve had a good day for food, but you’ll hear about the rest of my day tomorrow. Until then, good night!

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  1. Chicken Wang permalink

    Where does the best chicken burrito in Dublin?

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