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The most rushed burrito I’ve ever eaten

April 4, 2013

Yesterday was Tiny Donkeys day, and it was the last show of the term. That means that there will be no more Tiny Donkeys until September… *tear* Needless to say, I got a burrito yesterday, as it would be a damn shame to miss out on traditions during the last week of term.

You may be wondering why I didn’t write about this particular burrito yesterday, and there are two reasons for that. First, I had a few beers in the radio station (after the burrito), and didn’t want my review to be skewed. The main reason, though, is that I just wasn’t bothered! I was just being lazy in my last week of college.

Like the title says, this was a very rushed burrito. The show was meant to start at 6pm, and at 5.55pm I was only ordering my burrito in Tolteca. So I took it to the studio with me, and ate it (and rated it) as we did the show. Needless to say, I did not have much input into the show while I ate.

Before I get to the burrito, I want to draw attention to something that Paraic made in honour of this blog. He made a gif of me eating a burrito (in case it doesn’t work on wordpress, here’s a link to it:

ImageSo now that you’ve had a good laugh at my expense, I’ll get to the burrito.

ImageI went for the steak in my burrito yesterday, with brown rice, black beans, peppers, cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream. I added guacamole and tortilla chips as extras, and went for the lightning chipotle salsa. The woman who made my burrito thought I was brave, going for their hottest salsa.

  • The first thing I noticed, while unwrapping the foil from my burrito, was that it was badly wrapped – some of the ingredients were falling out from the start. It did well, however, not to fall apart at all. As I ate it, there was none of the expected crunch from the tortilla chips, but the moisture level was absolutely perfect. The distribution was reasonable, although there were sections that were just rice and salsa. Towards the end, the burrito did get quite messy, however – I couldn’t touch anything in the studio until I’d washed my hands! (6/10)
  • In terms of size, this was a decent sized burrito. It was large and round, but quite squishy – it did compress quite a bit as I ate it, meaning it was not as big as it looked. There were reasonable helpings of everything in it, and I was quite full after. I wasn’t stuffed, so I’d say this would have suited lunch better than dinner. Still, for €6, that’s not bad!(8/10)
  • I’d heard so much good about the steak from Tolteca, and I was expecting something phenomenal. Truth be told, I was a little bit disappointed – the chunks of meat were a good size, and quite tasty, but the steak was overcooked, tough and a bit chewy. It could have been better, although I accept that steak is an expensive ingredient, making it more difficult to get good quality steak into a student-deal priced burrito. (7/10)
  • The heat from the salsa kind of crept up on me. My first bite was not all that hot, but as I chewed, it became hotter and hotter. Not unbearably hot, by my standards anyway, but noticeably hot. It was incredibly tasty, however! There was a great smoky, chipotle chili flavour from the salsa, which was absolutely phenomenal. It was just a little bit too bitter for my liking. (9/10)
  • The rice was quite tasty, but a bit plain. It also had a bit too much coriander in it, which was somewhat overpowering. The guacamole was pretty good, I can’t find anything to complain about it. The peppers were as good as always, and the chips were good, but could have done with more salt. The beans were a bit overcooked, if you ask me, and I found that there was not enough cheese. (8/10)

ImageSo you’ll see that my rushed burrito fared quite well, as Tolteca always seem to do. A solid score of 38/50 is nothing to be ashamed of!

  • Consistency & Texture: 6/10
  • Size: 8/10
  • Meat: 7/10
  • Salsa: 9/10
  • Rice & Other Ingredients: 8/10
  • Total Score: 38/50

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