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First week after lectures have finished

April 9, 2013

So lectures have finished for college for another year, and it’s now that dreaded three-week period between the end of term and the beginning of exams. That’s right, it’s time to panic about all the work that we haven’t done all year, and try to learn it all before the exams…

But before I could begin studying, I had one last piece of college work due, and it was due today. As a treat to myself for getting it finished and for being reasonably happy with the quality of the work, I decided to reward myself with a burrito. Well, I was going to go for a burrito today either way, but now I feel like I deserved it.

ImageIt’s been a very burrito kind of day for me; I woke up this morning craving a trip to Boojum, which is why I trekked there from college for my lunch. And then my dinner was some more burritos (not nearly as big, seeing as I had three of them!). It’s been a good day.

Like I said, I was craving a burrito from Boojum today, after a co-worker of mine ate a Boojum burrito at a board game night in front of us last night. On a side-note: the Game of Thrones board game might possibly be the best game I’ve ever played, and it’s totally worth the extravagant amount of money that it costs (or, it will be, once I get it).

So anyway, getting back to my burrito. I spent a few hours studying this morning, so I wanted to get out and stretch my legs anyway, so it really was the perfect day for me to want to go to Boojum. I seemed to get there at the perfect time, too: it wasn’t particularly busy, and I got a seat no problem. And as I left, the queue was out the door, and people were waiting for seats. I always seem to get lucky with my timing at arriving at Boojum.

For today’s burrito, I decided to get the Mexican rice, pinto beans and Carnitas (pulled pork) on a white tortilla. I got sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo and guacamole, too. The salsa I went for was the salsa roja, the hottest that Boojum offer.

As usual, the staff were ridiculously friendly – like if I smiled like that all day, I’m pretty sure I’d be in pain. They are probably the friendliest staff in any burrito bar in Dublin, and if they’re not, I’ve not been to the burrito bar that does have the friendliest staff.

And now I’ll get on to my (very enjoyable) burrito:

  • I saw the server wrap my burrito, and I didn’t think that it was particularly well-wrapped; there was sauce spilling out, and I thought from that moment on that this was going to be a messy one. I was (somewhat) wrong, however – it didn’t fall apart until the last two or three mouthfuls. I mean, it was messy, but no more so than one would expect – the moisture level was perfect, and it wasn’t too sloppy. The ingredient distribution was absolutely fantastic, too. The one complaint I have was that the guacamole was quite cold, and that it cooled the burrito down very quickly. (8/10)
  • Like I said, I watched the servers make this burrito, and they laid the ingredients on in good, generous helpings. This was a large and well-packed burrito – it was about the size of an average-sized sleeping bag! About three quarters of the way through I began to struggle – it was a very large lunch, but it would have been ideal for dinner. I persevered, however, not being somebody to waste food. And at €7 for this, including a can of Coke, I can’t complain about anything to do with the size. (10/10)
  • The meat is the first thing that stood out to me in this burrito, which is quite unusual. The texture didn’t leap out as much as the meat seemed to – it was tender, nicely spiced and flavoured with a great cocktail of herbs. Not only this, but the meat was moist enough that it didn’t stick together in clumps (which is a problem that most burrito bars seem to have), while being dry enough to prevent a seriously sloppy burrito. Boojum hit the nail right on the head with their pork. (10/10)
  • I found the salsa reasonably hot, but not as hot as I’d expected from the hottest salsa on the menu. It was actually quite sweet in flavour too – and don’t get me wrong, that was very tasty and quite unexpected. That said, the flavour was quickly covered up by the rest of the flavours in the burrito – it would need to be a bit more outstanding to do well for Boojum. That said, there was a nice amount of heat from the salsa – enough that it was noticeable, but not so much that it made the rest of the burrito tasteless. (8/10)
  • As usual with Boojum, the rice was fantastic. I adore the Mexican rice, it’s just got such a good flavour. The guacamole was very good too (aside from the temperature), with just the right amount of salt and citrus. The pico de gallo was very fresh and tasty too, although just a little bit too much coriander for my liking. The pinto beans were perfect – they were soft and well-cooked. The cheese was not quite melted enough – toasting the burrito would have helped with that. And finally, I think that there was a little bit too much sour cream – any more and the burrito would have gotten seriously messy. (8/10)

ImageIf you’re adding them up in your head as you read this, then you’ll know just how significant a burrito that this was, in my quest to find the best burrito in Dublin. This has managed to beat Café Azteca by a single point, and become the best burrito that I’ve had so far, with a total score of 44/50.

And this is a well-deserved score; I very much enjoyed every last bite of it. I honestly didn’t think that anybody would manage to beat Azteca, but I have been proven wrong here.

  • Consistency & Texture: 8/10
  • Size: 10/10
  • Meat: 10/10
  • Salsa: 8/10
  • Rice & Other Ingredients: 8/10
  • Total Score: 44/50
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  1. anon permalink

    this fucking blog would be so gold if you didnt have such a shit camera/steady hand

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