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And the procrastination continues

April 16, 2013

My first study week is finished, and I’m on to the second one. It still doesn’t feel like the exams should be starting soon, but the improving weather will fix that… So, since exams are coming, I’ve been studying, and avoiding study when I can.

During one of my intense procrastination sessions, I found something that caught my attention as being ridiculously cool – as a fan of burritos and as an engineer. On this ( website, there is a  3D burrito printer, which is seriously unusual – rapid burrito prototyping. I really want to see a video of this in action!

I’ve also got something to look forward to after the exams, and that’s starting to feel real – I’m flying out to San Francisco at the end of May, and won’t be back until September. But fear not, California is the home of the burrito bar, so I’ll have to try and find the best burrito that San Fran has to offer, while I’m away.

Yesterday, Monday, some of the people from work organised another games night – Game of Thrones once again, which I maintain is the best board game on the planet. While I may not have won, there’s nothing wrong with coming third; thanks mostly to another player who knew that he had no chance of winning, and so he retreated, in the hopes of leading me to victory.

Since games night came after a long day of studying, I decided that a pre-game burrito was in order. I’d been feeling like taking a trip to Café Azteca once again – it’s been a while since I’ve been, and I’ve only been the one time. They deserved the opportunity to challenge Boojum, for usurping them from the highest rated burrito that I’ve found.

Once again, when I arrived, the restaurant was empty – bar the staff. I was the only customer there, until I’d finished my meal, so they’ll probably know exactly who I am, now! The staff are very friendly, and the manager (at least, I think he was the manager) was playing the flute along with the background music.

The burrito that I decided to go for was called the Toluqueno (and I hope that I didn’t embarrass myself trying to pronounce it, as I ordered it!). It consisted of rice, pico de gallo, refried beans, chorizo, Swiss cheese and chilli chipotle. It certainly stood out from the menu as being exactly what I was in the mood for.

ImageOnce again, when I got the burrito, it was presented absolutely beautifully. I’ve never seen a burrito restaurant put as much effort into the presentation as Azteca do – it really is stunning. It’s almost a shame to start eating it!

  • The first bite of my burrito was soft, smooth and warm – there was a crunch from the toasted tortilla on the outside, and the fillings were soft, perfectly moist and very evenly distributed. It was a somewhat messy burrito though – it has to be eaten with a fork and knife, although that does improve upon the messiness of the meal. My burrito was wrapped perfectly, so it held together very well as it was cut up, and the base was slightly thicker, so that the juices didn’t seep through; this prevented it falling apart. (9/10)
  • While Azteca may be slightly more expensive than other places (€7.50 for the burrito with another €1.50 for a drink), the size is far from something to complain about. It is a decent size, with generous (but not excessive) portions of all of the ingredients. I was starting to struggle about two thirds of the way through, but I persevered – and when finished, I was quite full (but not stuffed). (9/10)
  • The chorizo in this burrito was, without a doubt, the best chorizo that I’ve ever had – within or without of a burrito. It was cut into perfectly sized cubes, and was clearly some very good quality meat. There was a great herb and spice flavour off of it, and there is nothing whatsoever than I can complain about it. (10/10)
  • As with the last time I ate in Azteca, a bowl of tortilla chips was left at the table with salsa, prior to my ordering the burrito. This salsa was the salsa for the burrito – which I would add, to my own taste. So of course, I tried it on its own and within the burrito. On its own, the salsa was very hot, with a nice chilli and fruity kind of a flavour to it – and just a mild smokiness. The heat and the flavour seemed to last very well. When I added it to the burrito, it added fantastically to it in terms of flavour, although I think that the heat may have been too overpowering – it seemed to mask the flavours from the pico de gallo and the chorizo. (9/10)
  • The chilli chipotle tasted beautiful – it was smokey and slightly spicy, while the pico de gallo was  simple (but fresh), and very refreshing – it was quite cool, which the perfect amount of coriander. I found the rice a bit plain and undercooked (which was slightly disappointing), and there wasn’t enough of a portion of the refried beans, in my opinion. The cheese was quite tasty and perfectly melted – although it was a bit mild in flavour; a stronger flavour would have been nicer. (8/10)

ImageI think that there was one very disappointing thing about this burrito: once I’d finished it, I wished that I could have had more. It was seriously enjoyable, and (as the score shows) an incredibly good burrito. Azteca, given the opportunity, have managed to get the one-up on Boojum once again, getting a score of 45/50.

So that means that in two weeks, we’ve seen the top rated burrito bar in Dublin change twice – and I’ve only had two burritos in that time.

  • Consistency & Texture: 9/10
  • Size: 9/10
  • Meat: 10/10
  • Salsa: 9/10
  • Rice & Other Ingredients: 8/10
  • Total Score: 45/50
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  1. Sneaky…..why didn’t you tell me who you were that day!

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