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An unusual take on the burrito

May 6, 2013

Today is my birthday. So, due to my obsession with burritos for the last 5 months (the last 5 months in particular, anyway – we all know that I’ve been obsessed for more than just that amount of time!), my mum and Emma, one of my sisters, decided to make a burrito-themed dessert for me.

This was actually the most original dessert that I’ve ever  had, and it was beautiful! It looked just like a burrito on my plate, and had a dessert filling to replace every ingredient that would be in a normal burrito. It suffices to say that I was (and still am) more than a little impressed with this dessert.

So, here’s what they did: They took pancakes to use as the tortilla wraps, and used melted chocolate instead of beans. In place of rice there was vanilla ice-cream and brownies were used in the place of meat. Instead of guacamole, they used mint chocolate-chip ice-cream, and some crushed cookies were used in the place of crushed tortilla chips. Jam was drizzled over the top like salsa, and I had some cream on the side, as a sour-cream equivalent. The dessert burritos were then frozen some more.


Like I said, these were delicious. Obviously, I can’t rate them – it wouldn’t be fair to every other burrito that I’ve had; nobody could compete with this. Probably the most original burrito that I’ve ever had, that’s for sure! Hard to believe that this all started as a joke about how to make a dessert burrito, at the dinner table about 2 weeks ago, and Emma took notes and actually went and made them. I’m very impressed!

If every burrito bar in Dublin were to begin serving dessert burritos to go after their meals, I’d be a happy (and much, much fatter) man!


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  1. Lydia permalink

    That’s called a crêpe. I’m confused as to your shock and awe at this…

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